Petite freelance model | Hobbyist photog | 21| East Coast |

I have 3 tattoos and a micro dermal under my left eye. On my back, medium-sized black violin holes. On my left hip, small black music note. On my right thigh, “Il faut aimer si l’on veut etre aime” French for: “One must love if one wants to be loved” Large and in black. You should be able to find the photos in my portfolio of them.

My braces are off, my retainers are clear and removable.

Scars&Birthmarks happen. I treat old and new scars with over the counter products like Mederma. I have a birthmark on the back of my left thigh (tattoo leg). Acne is pretty controlled for the most part. My makeup covers what isnt.

Make-up isn’t an issue for me. I find it to be a true art form, and someday I hope to get certified. However, I’m not that great with hair. I do not believe that I can take the place of a professional, but if it’s called for I can do it. My face is usually very clear, making a great natural look.

My Male Counterpart My boyfriend is a very attractive, thin, intellectual, pale, tall man with 1 tattoo over his heart. He has a very strong distinct face with brown hair, soft brown eyes and not many scars. I’ve shot with him a couple of times and he’s very attentive on a set. Book us for authentic chemistry. Otherwise, he does not attend shoots.

Traveling is one of the reasons I love this job so much. I have my own car and have no problem driving several hours to shoot as long as the expenses met. Sorry, I do not have a passport, yet. As for traveling across the country, I’ll go anywhere I am needed.

Escorts. If I bring one, they ride with me to the shoot, and pick me up afterwards. The only time my escort will stay at a shoot is if they were requested as an assistant or model. I will trust you until you can’t be trusted. Don’t think I go to shoots with nothing up my sleeve for an emergency.

Shooting Outdoors is cool with me if you own the property or have special permission to be there. Read This

Asking me out to dinner/lunch/coffee: More than likely… no. I usually really busy traveling and after I’m done with shooting I like to head home so that I can be home at a decent hour. Your booked time with me starts from the moment I arrive to the moment I leave. If you want to spend some of the time you booked with me to eat then that’s fine, but I won’t be able to join you if it’s after that time.

Compensation By accepting to work with me, you are also accepting that I may use the images for self-promotion. (Like for my portfolio and other websites as well as business cards never to make money.) If you are budgeting, let me know and we can work something out, but I am accepting very limited trade work so ask me for my rates!
I accept cash or paypal. No checks, please.
-Also: Clothing, Accessories, Photography Equipment, Electronics, Software, Health care, Auto Repair, Shoes, Airfare, Car rentals, TFMMVIP, Hotels ect will be considered for additional compensation.

I am not picky about who I work with. This is about art on all levels of experience. If you’ve never worked with a model before, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to me about models I have worked with and even ask me to be one of your first models.

I don’t date people who I meet on Mayhem, tumblr, or anything.. Ever. If that’s seriously why you’re here then that tells me where your priorities are. It’s a little shallow, and I’d much rather meet someone in person than have them like me for what they see in my photos. I’m not really anything like my photos, in my daily life most people don’t even believe that I model because I don’t look the part. Besides, it has failed before the start! I gotta boyfriend, bitches! big_smile

Spreads, Girl/Girl(sexual), POV, tickling, pinks, raunchy nudes, masturbation, porn, video/webcam… are genres that I respectfully refuse to do. However, I will consider some forms of light fetish and bondage depending on the concept and other factors. That’s obviously limited by the creep-factor. See my fetish list, or ask!

Flakes suck. If you flake on me 1-3 days before the shoot, I will not consider working with you until I have received 75% of the compensation you would have given me for working that day. I am not strict on this, only because I know that things happen and it can’t always be avoided.

TFs & Your Rates
VERY limited TFs, but I accept them from time to time. If you send me your rates, don’t expect a reply. I’ve never paid for an image and I don’t plan to. Be it quality or not, my image, experience, and talent are worth more than that. I’ve worked TF’s with retouchers, photographers, and painters using reference shots but I certainly wouldn’t pay for these services as a professional model. It’s my job to be your subject. If you travel to me, TFs can be considered! I will not travel for trade work. Tf Nudes? Sorry, no.
-Zivity - Very limited TFs but reduced rates are likely to be considered!

Mentoring: Please send me any questions you may have regarding modeling. My time is very limited so it might be easier for you to send me a message rather than meeting up. Check my mayhem page for details. I’m not a babysitter or a miracle worker. I’m not going to hold your hand or turn you into a star. I’m here to help. That way I can talk you through whatever it is you need help with. If you’d like me to come to a shoot or vice versa, ask and we will talk about it. =]

Bush It’s gone. If you want it for images, you need to let me know a month in advance. The bush being gone does not mean I accept work that is overly explicit. It’s quite the opposite. I’m more into implieds than full front.

(Not entirely important, just in case you’d like to know…)

Aside from what I’ve previously stated, my personality is all over the place. At home, I don’t usually wear makeup, always wear glasses.. you know jeans and a tee shirt kind of girl. I’m working on beating many of the games I started on xbox and ps3. I have a habit of buying new games before I beat my old ones and I have a…lot…. of games. I’m awful at first person shooters but I try anyway. Health freak, all natural junkie. I don’t take over the counters, and I don’t take perscriptions. The earth will heal me just fine. I don’t eat red meat or pork but I’ll have organic turkey and free-range chicken that wasn’t treated with hormones and all that other crap. Can’t we let chickens live the life of a chicken? I do yoga and some dance. Between cheerleading (before my car accident in 2008) and all the musicals I’ve explored a wide variety of dance genres. It’s been years now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dance. ;D I’m more of a doodler than an artist, I sorta have this thing for drawing eyes. I’m 420-friendly, probably always will be. I have two dogs, a turtle and two bearded dragons. LOVE all animals, just not really cool with spiders. So if you wanna shoot with an exotic(or not smile ) animal, I’m more than likely really interested. I’m a hobbyist photographer, I mostly use my Canon Rebel T3 for model mentoring, random clients for events and such as well as photos of my life, friends, animals and herb. My boyfriend and I have lived together since April 2011, moving around living the life. He supports my career completely and is proud of the work I do. Hhmmm… I think that covers the basics.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been working with people on all sides of the entertainment industry. Consider me a musician, singer, actress turned model. I juggled them all for a while but now my focus is modeling. Since I was juggling these hobbies for a number of years, it might be best to separate them by category. So I’ll start with my first love..
|Music| was everything to me for years. In concert & marching band I played percussion but I also played violin and piano in high school. Today I pretty much only play the djembe. I was in a few music groups, a regular at open mics playing piano and singing with whomever I could. I’d cover my favorite songs and play them the next day at the coffee shop. My friends would ask me to learn a basic rhythm to accompany them for talent shows and whatnot. It was great fun, not that there is much else to do in a small town but it was a blast. Around my sophomore year I held my first live benefit concert with the help of a friend to raise money for VH1’s Save The Music Foundation. Later, this lead to other benefit concerts and festivals to benefit the Guitar Center Music Foundation and local businesses around Sayre, Pennsylvania, United States. The concerts featured local and traveling musicians and groups such as Mike Talada(Waverly, NY), Amber Blues(East Brunswick, NJ), The Red Eyes (Athens, PA), Ahimsa Sunrise(DuBois, PA) A year or so later, I ended up working for a small coffee shop in Sayre booking live music, emcee-ing the events and open mic’s as well as an extra barista. This drew up some attention from more artists including Jaded Son, who was so pleased with their experience with us they mentioned me and The Daily Grind on their album “Prospect Heights”.

|Acting||I also participated in dozens of plays and musicals including Camelot, The Importance of Being Ernest, Sealed for Freshness, and Kiss me, Kate. I guess it started with those plays they make you do in elementary school except I never stopped until after Camelot (in 2011) when I decided to really focus on modeling. My best performances were at the Waverly Storefront Theater, Corning Community College, and the Know Theater in Binghamton.

A student whom I had met around my freshman year suggested that I join the public speaking team. In 2009, I advanced to nationals in Birmingham, Alabama. My main event was humorous interpretation, but I regularly competed in Impromptu, Congress, Oral Interpretation, Dramatic and Duo Interpretation. Since then, I have volunteered as a judge for tournaments held on my own stomping grounds.

|Model| I started modeling in 2006(This is about my freshman year of highschool) when I started collaborating with Legacy Everlasting Photography. Then, it wasn’t modeling to me, it was more like musing. I didn’t know, or hardly cared about what it took to be a model, I was just posing. At the time, I figured I’d use the shots for my acting portfolio. Posing turned into passion, and now it’s my full time job. My freelance career will always hold a special place in my heart, because then it wasn’t about getting better it was just expression. Through the years I pushed myself to be a better model, and my progress is evident in my portfolio. I enjoy looking through the pictures I get back and remembering how I used to only get one good shot from a set and got rid of the others. It wasn’t until after I was signed to Aariah Glamour when I realized that I have the potential and drive to be successful. That was January of 2012 and since then, I’ve been killin’ it. Of course, there were lots of downfalls, mostly dealing with unprofessionalism between models and photographers but my optimism never let me down. Now, I’m recruiting and training models as the Director of RGM Ithaca Operations on We’ve teamed up with A. RunwayShow Productions in Ithaca, NY. If you read that entire background then there is only one thing you really need to take from that: I am a motivated, unstoppable force.